How to get to the school


Please find the way from the Porquerolles pier to IGESA reception here!


Please note that the organisation will not take care of your travel. Below are best options to and from the school location.

Please also note that your accomodation is reserved from Sunday night to Thursday night (incl.). Therefore, it is your responsability to book your accomodation on the mainland outside this dates ranges.

 Travel options from Paris by train:

 Arrival proposal

 Option 1:
 Sunday September 11th, 7h16: Paris gare de Lyon - 11h57 Hyères
     Bus at 12h35 - 13h16 (arrivée à Tour Fondue)
     Boat at 13h30 - Porquerolles (transit <25 minutes)

 Option 2:
 Sunday September 11th, 11h06: Paris gare de Lyon - 3h57 Hyères
     Bus at 15h55 - 16h34 (arrivée à Tour Fondue)
     Boat at 18h30 - Porquerolles (LAST BOAT)

 Option 3: there are trains between these two.

 Departure proposal:

 Option 1:

 Friday September 16th

     Boat at 15h00 - Tour fondue (transit <25 minutes)

     Bus at 15h40 - Hyères Gare 16h11

     Train at Hyères 17h02 - Paris Gare de Lyon 21h51

 Bus line 67 schedule:

 Train tickets in France:

Travel option Airport :

    Bus 63->Hyères (Arromanches) -> Bus 67 -> Tour Fondue (transit ~1h;  depends on the hour);

     Bus line 63 schedule:

    Taxi (15 minutes);

 The afternoon of Wednesday is free. There are several activities.

 Social activities:

     Renting a bike for the afternoon for a ride around the island of Porquerolles:
     Price: 16 euros/day

     Water sports, including kayak:
The social activities are at your charge. Porquerolles is a very nice island, and walking and bathing in the sea is yet another desirable option.

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