Electron microscopy instrumentation basis

Peter Kruit, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Electron propagation in a magnetic field; multipoles; round lenses; spectrometers; microscope elements; guns; blankers and stages.


Electron microscopy and spectroscopy basics

Gerald Kothleitner, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Elecron propagation; EELS, constrast formation; EDX; detectors; diffraction etc.


Electron spectroscopies of optical modes

Andrea Konečná, CEIT, Czech Republic

Coherent excitations; green dyadic; EMLDOS; surface plasmons; surface phonons; Cherenkov modes etc.


Electron spectroscopies of excitations in optical materials

Sean Collins, University of Leeds, UK

Incoherent excitations; absorption and scattering; quantum confinement; defects; band gaps; excitons etc.


Time and quantum coherence in electron spectroscopy

Hugo Lourenço-Martins, CNRS, France

Time resolved CL/EELS/PINEM; fs lasers; photocatodes; lifetimes; quantum statistics etc.


Space coherence in electron spectroscopy

Axel Lubk, IFW, Germany

MDFF; green dyadic; inelastic holography; phase plates; EMCD; phase shaping etc.


Advanced EELS: vibrational EELS, q-resolved EELS

Demie Kepaptsoglou, Superstem, UK

Aberration correction; monochromation; acoustics phonons; Raman and IR; q-resolved EELS etc.


Ultrafast PEEM

Walter Pfeiffer, Bielefeld University, Germany

Surface science; PEEM; plasmons-polaritons; nanooptics; adaptative optics etc.

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